Global Impact Food Technology - GIFT
Outside the Bowl Global, powered by Kingdom Foods International, has the capacity to make a global impact on the world hunger crisis through its next-generation nutrition technology.

We are able to produce the GIFT at scale, with our flagship product, VitaKidz.

We produce highly nutritious instant fortified maize meals specifically formulated for children in vulnerable communities to support their development and ability to learn.


VitaKidz is designed to provide a nutritional smart breakfast to children, in order to sustain energy levels, increase productivity & brain development.

VitaKidz is a maize-based powder that when mixed with water, turns into an instant meal or porridge. Results from a nutritional analysis share that one serving of VitaKidz contains 85% of a young child’s daily nutritional needs.



Produced primarily from White Maize, we retain all the natural vitamins and fibres contained in these products and also added a VITAMIN PREMIX which contributes to the daily requirements for a healthy lifestyle.


VitaKidz, together with the balance of nutrients, will NOT improve but CORRECT BRAIN HEALTH, building a stronger foundation for our young children to help them maximise their educational opportunities and THRIVE in this world.


A very tasty energy breakfast that is easy and CONVENIENT TO PREPARE, by simply mixing it with either milk or water.

Now Available in a 20 liter Bucket

You can feed a child for one school year with a VitaKidz bucket.

The VitaKidz bucket makes distribution easier, it’s better for the environment than packaging. It’s reusable and recyclable.

Here are just a few ways to reuse the bucket:

  • Gardening: Use the bucket to plant seeds and grow food. You can fill the bucket with soil and plant vegetables or herbs, creating a mini garden.
  • Rainwater collection: Place the bucket outside on a rainy day to collect rainwater. This water can be used to water plants or for other household tasks
  • Cleaning and washing: Fill the bucket with water and use it for cleaning floors, washing clothes, or washing dishes.
  • Storage: Use the bucket to store items such as toys, tools, or clothing. This is especially useful in areas where storage space is limited.
  • Drumming instrument: Turn the bucket into a drum by turning it upside-down and tap it with your hands. This can be a fun way to make music in the community.
  • Waste disposal: Use the bucket as a trash can to collect and dispose household waste.
  • Water transport: Use the bucket to carry water from a nearby source to your home or garden. This can be especially useful in areas where access to clean water is limited.

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