Global Impact Food Technology - GIFT

Outside the Bowl Global, powered by Kingdom Foods International, has the capacity to make a global impact on the world hunger crisis through its next-generation nutrition technology.

We are able to produce the GIFT at scale, with our flagship product, VitaKidz.


VitaKidz is designed to provide a nutritional smart breakfast to children, in order to sustain energy levels, increase productivity & brain development.

VitaKidz is a maize-based powder that when mixed with water, turns into an instant meal or porridge. One serving of VitaKidz may provide up to 85% of a young child's daily nutritional requirements.


Produced primarily from White Maize, we retain all the natural vitamins and fibres contained in these products and also added a VITAMIN PREMIX which contributes to the daily requirements for a healthy lifestyle.


VitaKidz, together with the balance of nutrients, will NOT improve but CORRECT BRAIN HEALTH, building a stronger foundation for our young children to help them maximise their educational opportunities and THRIVE in this world.


A very tasty energy breakfast that is easy and CONVENIENT TO PREPARE, by simply mixing it with either milk or water.

You can feed a child for one school year with a VitaKidz bucket.

The VitaKidz bucket makes distribution easier, it’s better for the environment than packaging. It’s reusable and recyclable.

Here are just a few ways to reuse the bucket:

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