Driven by Passion to Feed Hungry Children

For 821 million people, being hungry means more than missing a meal. Hunger robs them from living full, productive lives. It is a global crisis where one in nine people go to bed hungry. Malnutrition hits children the hardest. Children who do not receive proper nutrition before the age of five are physically and cognitively stunted meaning their bodies and brains are kept from developing to their full potential.

Will you join us on our mission?
Feeding 500k per day by 2025

Global Impact Food Technology (GIFT)

We are able to produce the GIFT at scale with our flagship product, VitaKidz.

Delivering tangible change in targeted geographies










Economic Empowerment

Bringing Super Food Facilities to Communities

Instant Nutrition Production Facility

Instant Nutrition Production Facilities are production facilities that manufacture instant meals, such as VitaKidz. At a capacity of producing 4-5 tons of instant nutritional meals per 8-hour shift, this is an instant solution to solving the hunger crisis. These facilities offers economic empowerment and job creation in the community.

Super Kitchens

Super Kitchens are industrial, central kitchens that mass produce hot, nutritious meals. At 2,000 meals a day, a super kitchen becomes sustainable. These meals are delivered to partners in a 45-minute radius surrounding the Super Kitchen. Because of economy of scale, Super Kitchens offer an affordable solution to these partner’s feeding needs. 

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